The key to running a successful campaign is to be talking to the people who are going to support you on election day.  They only way to guarantee their support is to have a personal conversation with them as often as possible.  Since it is literally impossible to talk to everyone everyday, social media has become extremely important in keeping that personal connection.

Social Media Integration:

So what do we offer and how can it help you?  We can help you create your Facebook Page, build a Facebook Like Box for your site, help you create a Twitter Page, build a Twitter box on your site, help you build a targeted ads campaign, and help you understand your social media insights.  That is a whole lot, so let’s break it down.

The Facebook Page:

Screen shot 2013-11-18 at 1.47.49 PMWhy is it important?

The Facebook page is your “digital storefront.”

Without this easy to access place for people to see what you are up to and communicate with you, your campaign is essentially turning a deaf ear to your constituents.  People don’t want just facts and figures regurgitated from a think tank, they want a real person they can relate to.  A Facebook page is the easiest way in which to engage with your target audience.

What it allows you to do:

  • Easy communication directly to people who voluntarily “like” you.
  • “Free” publicity via social engagements via comments, pictures, links, and videos.
  • Understand who your constituents are via “Insights” – build your message around your audience.

The Facebook Like Box

Screen shot 2013-11-18 at 1.56.23 PMWhat is it?  This is a little bit of code that can be thrown anywhere on your site that will allow you to display an easy access “liking” feature anywhere on your website.  We have one, it is on the right hand side of our site.

This little box allows for people to see how many people who have liked your page, any content that you put on to your page and not on your website, it can even show the faces of people if you so choose.  You can have or not have any of the different options, it just depends on what you want people to see.

With the WordPress sites we work on, we install a “pop-up” that “forces” people to like your Facebook page before they can see your content – now, of course no one is actually forced, but the perceived notion is still there and it brings in a large number of people that you can then freely put your content in front of.

The Twitter Page

Screen shot 2013-11-18 at 2.18.13 PMWhat is it important?

While not the most popular or easiest way to interact with your constituents, a Twitter profile can be an extremely powerful tool to quickly disseminate information to people.

With the limitation of 140 characters or less, a message has to be short and to the point.  Twitter is great for quick jabs, quick updates, and links to important or interesting stories.

We will help you:

  • Optimize your profile (picture and links)
  • Teach you how to text appropriately
  • How to create “trendable” topics

The Twitter Box

Screen shot 2013-11-18 at 2.22.44 PMWhat is it?

Like the Facebook Like Box, the Twitter Box is a code that you can use to put a “follow” link anywhere on your site.

This  box allows for people to see how many people who have followed your twitter account, any content that you have shared, who you have followed, and it can even allow for people to communicate directly with your Twitter profile right from your site.  This is important because if you are holding a night for people to ask you questions, they can get their question to you and you can answer them right away or direct them somewhere that best expresses your point of you.

With the WordPress sites we work on, we can easily add this option to your pages, we just need to know you want it!

Advertising and Insights

We can offer you insight and help with your advertising efforts.  With today’s tools – Google, Facebook, or Twitter – a campaign can easily capture a large number of supporters with very little money.

Say goodbye to the old ways of finding voters.  No more ineffective mailers, no more ineffective radio or TV ads that burn donor money, and no more wondering if your message is getting to exactly who you want to see it.

With the advanced filters of today’s online world, you can be sure to target exactly who needs to see your message and spend the amount that you are ready and able to spend – whether it is $50 or $5,000 – our strategies will help you target exactly who you need to send your message to.

Our specialty is Facebook advertising, so we will expand upon that.

Facebook Advertising

There are two major ways in which you can promote on Facebook.  The first is via a “Boost” promotion and the second is via an actual ad “Campaign.”

Here is an example of a “Boost Promotion“:

Screen shot 2013-11-18 at 2.35.08 PMWhile this advertising is slightly limited, it allows you to pick a specific post, status, or link to send to thousands of people.

This option allows you to choose from to funnels: 1.) Their Friends – which is friends of people who like your page and 2.) People you choose to target – which is self explanatory.

Also, depending on your budget (which you can set yourself) Facebook will give you some idea of what the reach of that advertisement will have for the price you have selected.

Pretty simple and straight forward – just need some guidance the first time.




Here is an example of a “Campaign” advertisement:

Screen shot 2013-11-18 at 2.41.44 PMThe above picture gives you a glimpse of what you can do.  The advertising features of Facebook are too large to put into a single page, but in a quick sentence: you can target by demographics, likes, and areas.

You can set your budget for a “lifetime” or for a specific amount of money.

Facebook advertisements allow you to gather a large number of people to your campaign that will likely be people that you want to either work for you or support you.  One of the greatest tools to use in conjunction with your Facebook advertisements is you Facebook Insights.  These insights (pictured below) show you everything about the people who have liked your page.  It shows their demographics, reach, visits, likes, post engagement, and much more.  All information that you can use to better target toward your voting pool.

Screen shot 2013-11-18 at 2.46.58 PM