What if everyone bought the same hot stock?

Conventional wisdom suggests that the stock market is the destination of choice when it comes to laying the groundwork for future financial security and building personal wealth. Since the rise of the 401(k) in the early 1980s, tens of millions of people have officially become stock market investors. Critics of the status quo worry that […]

Should you be worried about a stock market bubble?

The future well being of citizens today depends more on the stock market than ever before in history. This is largely due to a shift in the 1980s away from traditional “defined benefit” retirement pension plans in favor of individual “deferred savings” plans like the 401(k). This shift – unintended if you’ve never heard the story […]

The RISK of Sequence of Returns

For years we have heard it repeated over and over from the financial sector – and their willing allies in academia and the media – that investing in stocks will provide us the best possible returns over time. In a recent post, I pointed out that one of the problems with this conventional wisdom is how one […]

Want to fix our politics? Regular citizens must take back the “establishment” of the political parties.

Have you seen the video below of Donald Trump calling our candidate selection system “rigged”? Sound familiar? What will it take for people to finally see that the “rules” making everyone so upset are determined by people on central committees? “RNC” means Republican National Committee. “DNC” means Democratic National Committee. In Ohio, membership on central committees […]

Three Steps to Getting Started with Medicare

If you are new to Medicare, linked below is a helpful resource from Medicare’s website to help you learn more. It is called “Getting Started with Medicare” and it highlights three steps for beginning your journey with Medicare. Visit the “Getting Started with Medicare” page from Medicare.gov at this link. Here are the three steps Medicare.gov provides to help get you […]

Is it always a good time to invest in stocks?

Since starting my career in the late 1980s, I have heard the continuing mantra from contemporaries in the insurance and financial sector, as well as many in the media, that, in general, it is always a great – or at least a good – time to invest in stocks. Usually this premise is supported by […]

Medical Care Cost Lookup Tool

So, let’s say your doctor is recommending a test or other procedure for you or a family member and you’re wondering, “How much is this going to cost?” After over 25 years of helping people manage their healthcare costs through our Cincinnati based insurance agency, I have learned, it pays to be an informed consumer. This […]

Dental Care Cost Lookup Tool

What if you need help with your teeth, but have no dental insurance? In the end of 2014, about 114 million Americans were without dental insurance. 46.3 million of those were over the age of 65 (Medicare does not provide dental coverage). People without dental coverage, Visit the dentist less frequently for preventative care. Have a […]

How long will you live?

Everyone hopes for a long and happy life, but did you know economists actually consider living too long to be a risk? They even have a name for it, “longevity risk.” It is the condition of living so long that you end up outliving your money. Find out your average life expectancy using Social Security’s […]