Four ways to help liberty-candidates win this primary

One of the most important elections for changing our country’s direction is the primary. In heavily gerrymandered states like Ohio, for many races, the primary is the deciding election.  It is also the only opportunity we have to increase the citizens’ voice inside the political parties through central committee elections. Whatever candidates you choose to support […]

2014 Ohio Primary Election Coverage

Here are some important articles from around Ohio that should be on your mind while going into the polls on Tuesday, May 6th. Many thanks to Jason Hart and Jesse Hathaway at Ohio Media Trackers for their excellent work! A look at who’s spending money to get Dave Joyce through the primary: Congressman Dave Joyce, […]

Common Core 101 – Full Presentations

Dear Friends – It is critical that you watch and share these videos. We are so fortunate to have had the privilege of hosting presenters of such caliber with hearts for our shared cause. Please share and help educate fellow Ohioans on the dangers inherent to an education system that serves bureaucrats and cronies, not students and schools.

Highlight video

Introduction and Seth Morgan

Jamie Gass – The Massachusetts Miracle and the Scheme known as Common Core

Jane Robbins – Big Data, Big Business & Big Brother

Megan Koschnick – The Developmentally Inappropriate Common Core

Stan Hartzler – How Common Core Destroys Mathematics Learning, Instruction and Aptitude

Terrence Moore – The Story Killers, A Common Sense Case Against Common Core

Q & A and Closing Remarks

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When is your vote most powerful?

In an earlier post, I detailed how Ohio’s Congressional districts have been severely gerrymandered. The biggest consequence of this is that Ohio’s representative elections are essentially decided in the primary instead of the general election. In 2012, the average victory margin for a U.S. Representative in Ohio’s November general election was a whopping 32.78 points. […]

Forward Event Video to Your Legislators & Meet to Discuss

“Bring Your Legislator to Class Day – Common Core 101″ – A great success thanks to you!

Unfortunately, the large majority of our elected representatives continue to ignore and dismiss concerned constituents. There is a remedy though. To quote Dr. Terrence Moore “I want to give you real evidence so you can go out and fight this with your legislators and with your school board members because these people are elected and they can be unelected“. 

Please forward this short highlight video and firmly request that they contact you to meet and discuss. All House and Senate members are on break for the primary and available in their districts. Make an appointment to discuss BEFORE you vote May 6th. And remember, NO Republican should win a Republican primary who supports Federal control of Education. The RNC clearly articulates their rejection and condemnation in the RNC Resolution adopted over a year ago. Ohio Republican legislators hold a large majority and the Governorship. They have the power to stop Common Core in Ohio immediately. No excuses. When the “what will we replace them with” question is invariably asked, respond with “the better question is, what did you replace our previous standards with?” They are pouring millions of dollars and risking countless futures on a copyrighted set of standards that are untested, unproven, anywhere ever. Why would any responsible elected official do such a thing? Well, for a perfect example of the primary election propaganda our elected are engaging in read this article.

You ask the questions, they provide an answer. That’s how an employer-employee relationship works.

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The Mouse that Roars

What’s the one thing that scares an elephant the most? A mouse.  This old adage has never been truer today. Give your mouse the power to “roar” by sharing information about liberty candidates this primary on social media. We are now less than three weeks away from the May 6 primary election. As you know, many […]

Common Core 101 – Breitbart Article Recaps Event

A group of Ohio grassroots activists who want the Common Core standards repealed in their state is taking the issue to their legislators and letting them know that if they want to be re-elected, they must commit to repealing the centralized education standards.

A Columbus auditorium packed in 600 Ohioans on April 9 as parents, teachers, and other activists fighting to repeal the Common Core standards held Common Core 101: “Bring Your Legislator to Class Day.”

Ohioans Against Common Core assert that nearly four years after their state adopted the Common Core standards, most Ohio lawmakers still know little about the initiative beyond prepared talking points. Parents were urged to call their state representatives and senators and attend the forum with them to hear and discuss the ramifications of the Common Core standards. Read full article here.

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Central Committee Podcast with 55KRC’s Brian Thomas

After last night’s 2014 Cincinnati Tea Party Tax Day Rally, a few of us got up early to be in the studio with 55KRC radio’s Brian Thomas.  We were there to discuss our latest efforts to encourage grassroots liberty-minded citizens to get involved with party central committee. In Clermont this May 6th, there are 119 […]

2014 Cincinnati Tea Party Tax Day Rally – Pics

We had a full house for the 2014 Cincinnati Tea Party Tax Day Rally in Eastgate, OH last night. Happy 5th Birthday Cincinnati Tea Party! Below are pictures from the event (click to enlarge): Cincinnati Tea Party President, Ann Becker Thea Shoemake, Education Freedom Ohio Chris Littleton, former President, Cincinnati Tea Party Reading candidate pledge for […]

Party Endorsements – Impostor Sample Ballots

One of the important ongoing efforts of the grassroots liberty movement in Ohio is to help take back and restore integrity to the political parties. One way to do this is by engaging in the central committee process. Central committee members or “precinct representatives” are elected in the primary. One person from each voter precinct […]