What is a “Page”

First thing we need is a quick explanation of what the difference between pages and posts is.

  • PAGES are where we retain concrete information that we don’t want to disappear over time.  Sometimes called static content.
  • POSTS are where we put information that is relevant to a specific topic or moment in time.

Imagine a timeline, the posts are the individual moments on the timeline while the page is the piece of paper that the timeline is on.  The page never changes, while the timeline does.

So why make pages?  Pages are where you put your contact information, about us descriptions, terms of use, etc.  Major pieces of information that you don’t want to get lost in the feed.

To add new PAGES, follow these steps:

Go to your WordPress Dashboard.

Scroll down to Pages, hover over it and click “Add New”.  A new screen will come up that will look exactly like a post screen. The functionality that is in the “page” screen is the exact same as to what is in the “post” screen.

To create a page: Title it – something like “Contact” or “About” will be just fine.  Put your information into the text box (just like a post). When you are finished with your content, just hit “Publish”.

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