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Publishing your article

On the far right of the “Post Editor” is the Publish box. This is what the publish box looks like up close:

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The publish box is extremely important. This box allows you to save a draft, much like a word processor. You can work on it on a Monday, save it, and come back again on Thursday and pick up where you left off. Just need to click the “Save Draft” button at the top left.

There is also a “preview” option on the top right. This allows for you to see how any article you are working on will actually look on your site without having to publish it to your live site.

There is also the Status option. Select this to change a “published” article to a “draft” if you wish to take down a previously published post.

There is also the ability to make any post private and require a password for the post to be viewed, this can be set with the “Visibility” options.

Under the options for “Publishing Immediately” (clicked and expanded below) you can schedule a post to published at a later date. So for instance, let’s say you finish an article on a Sunday, but you don’t want it to come out till Wednesday. You can schedule the article to automatically post.

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Once you have picked the date you want the post to go out on, click the big blue “Schedule” button and it will set it up automatically.

Lastly, if your post is ready and you want it to go out now and not later, just click the big blue “Publish” button and it will immediately be posted to your website.

If you have published something and you find there to be a mistake – no big deal.
Follow these steps to fix the content in your post:

Go to your Dashboard → hover over “Posts” → click “All Posts” this will bring up a screen that looks like this:

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Find the article that you want to edit and click the title on the left hand side.

Fix the mistake in the article and then click the “Update” button and all the changes will be saved on the live site.

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