Make a post “sticky”

When we say sticky, we mean that a post will “stick” to the top of the news feed.  With WordPress sites, articles are shown, by default, in a chronological order.  The newer posts sit at the top of the list, while the older posts fall in order below according to the date published.

When you are writing about current events, this is a very useful tool, but it kind of makes it hard to have anything important stay in a place where people can always read it.  Therefore, the solution is to use “sticky” posts.

In order to make a post sticky, either before or after it has been published, go to the “Publish” box and click on the option for “visibility.”

You should then see this:

All you have to do is check the box that says “Stick this post to the front page” and that post will appear at the “top” of all the other articles.  Make sure to click Publish/Update or else the post won’t be sticky.

Also, make sure that you “unstick” the post once you no longer need it to be at the top of your site.  (Just go through the steps above, but “uncheck” the box)


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