Local Control? ODE Warns Districts Against Opting Out

local control croniesWe’ve been told ad nauseam that Ohio is a local control state and that we are nothing more than Common Core Chicken Littles donning tin foil hats. This false pretense is confirmed in a letter received from the Ohio Department of Education. Seems opting for local control is not only impractical but fiscally and operationally prohibitive.

The Ontario Public School District (OH) received the following letter in response to inquiring what repercussions may result if the district acted upon their “local control” and opted out of the “voluntary” Common Core Standards.  As you’ll read, the reform game is rigged with punitive penalties – for every player at every level – thus preventing any real or practical defection from the State and Federal regime. Read letter here

Great article on the myth of local control from our allies in Wisconsin –  Local Control: Districts Have the Right But Not the Ability




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