Brand Yourself: Law of Quality


Quality is important, but brands are not built by quality alone.

What is quality?  Is it always obvious?

The usual thinking is, to build a better brand, we need to build a better product.  In political terms, to have a better person in office, we need someone who has been learning about politics their entire life, someone who has worked in the political arena, someone who “looks” the part.

In all reality, the “better” your choice, the worse of a leader that person is.  You may have “credentials” that say you know what happens in the political arena, but they doesn’t mean you can play in the arena.  For instance, just because I referee NBA basketball, doesn’t mean I can play in the NBA.

Quality resides in the mind of the “buyer.”  To us this means, quality resides in the mind of the people going to be led.  People have to perceive that you are the solution that is needed, now.

To ensure that you are of good quality, you need to narrow your focus – just like the law of contraction states.  To be someone of higher quality, you don’t need the answers to everything, you need to be the answer for an important thing.  If you are a specialist in the areas that matter, the halo effect will take care of the rest.

To build a quality brand, you will need to narrow your focus.

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