A Word

Brand Yourself: Law of the Word

A Word

A brand should strive to own a word in the mind of the consumer.

How true this is.  A perfect example of such a thing is this single word, “Change.”  One person in the political arena should come to your mind when you hear that word.  Then in his reelection campaign, “Forward,” was the word of choice.

It is immensely powerful if you are able to take a single, everyday term and make it stick to your brand.  Most companies and individuals try to make a few words or sentence work for them – and sometimes it is a success, but nothing can beat the single word association.

If you want to build a brand, you must focus your efforts on finding a single word that you can “own.”  Your political target market needs to say this word and immediately think of you.  Focus your effort in finding a solitary word that is used by people in your target market every day.  This will cause them to do two things – 1.) if they like you, they will use it more, 2.) if they hate you, they will have to find a new word.  Both scenarios are very powerful because both scenarios force the individual to think of you or your campaign.

Once you have found that single word, stick to it.  Don’t try to find another word.  Don’t muddy the water.  Be smart, be simple.  Reduce the description of yourself and your ideas as far as you can and then break out a thesaurus.  A great way to find your word is to have family over to brainstorm the words in relation to you.  The most overlooked person in this moment, though, is a child.  From the mouths of babes can come the answer to your brand.  Children are more creative than you are and they boil things down to single ideas so they are easy to understand.  If a child can understand it, an adult surely can.

Warning: The easiest way for you to own a word is to be the first one to capture it.  Don’t use, “Change,” just because someone else had success with it.  You will only bring up thoughts and opinions of the other person, not yourself.

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