Brand Yourself: Law of Advertising


Once born, a brand needs advertising to stay healthy.

Advertising is like a country’s defense budget.  Advertising dollars do not buy you anything – they simply just keep you from losing any of the ground that you have gained.  In other words, advertising doesn’t bring new people in, it keeps people around.

There are two phases before advertising:

The first phase is the introduction of a new category.  In our case, instead of adding a new physical product, we are adding a new idea.  This is where we gather the core supporters, this is where we create our base.

The second phase is the rise of the individual who pioneered and introduced the idea.  This happens when news outlets, individuals, and  groups begin to talk about you as the individual who started the ball rolling.  This is where you will gain even more supporters who are finding you via their friend’s and neighbors.  (This is known as publicity, which we talked about earlier.)

Once you have completed both phases, advertising takes over to remind those that your brand, you, is still there and that they need to stay involved to make sure that your idea(s) are spread.

Advertising does not have to be a campaign of, “I am the BEST choice!  Choose me because I am better!”  Advertising is meant to softly and clearly make your core audience remember you are there.  Most people buy the leading brand, when most people buy the leading brand, it gives everyone else the perception that it is “better.”  So let the perception make the “BEST! or “BETTER!” statement, don’t force it.

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