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Brand Yourself: Law of Publicity

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The birth of a brand is achieved with publicity, not advertising.

What does that mean?  Think about it.  What do we see the most out of political battles in today’s age?  We see advertisement after advertisement, mailer after mailer calling for us to “buy” into the individual who being presented as the best solution.

The problem with this is that campaigns tend to forget that the individual makes up their mind not by how many times they see a candidate’s name or commercials, but by how the candidate makes the individual voter feel about themselves. One of the most staggering discoveries after the 2012 presidential election was that a majority of voters thought that Mitt Romney was the better choice to bring America out of the economic slump, but American’s still voted for Barack Obama because they felt like President Obama “cared” about them.

If the candidate can prove to the individual that the candidate’s ideas will improve the future of the voter and their family, then, and only then,will they win.  If you asked anyone, even the most powerful and well versed campaign coordinators, what the best form of communication is, they will all say face-to-face communication.

As a candidate, you will need to follow this law as your religion.  This law of publicity is how you will win the hearts and minds of voters.  In order to win on this front, you need to write as often as possible, interact on social media, and divulge that you are a normal citizen just like them.  As a candidate, you will also want to do as many interviews, TV talk shows, and online forums as possible so that you can to give the largest number of people your ideas for free.  Money may buy you a louder voice in an election, but publicity buys you a win.

How does publicity buy you a win though?  Well, what is publicity? Publicity is essentially someone else seeking you out so that they can publish or show your ideas to their audience – for FREE.  There is no cost for this because you are giving that source a product to deliver to their audience.  In addition, publicity is well received by constituents because it is perceived as a form of “word of mouth” communication.  Word of mouth and face-to-face communication go hand in hand, if the voter doesn’t hear directly from you, the next best thing is from someone they trust.  With publicity, the audience feels like they are getting an exclusive look into the life and mind of you, as an individual.  They are willing to invest more energy into hearing what you have to say, rather than ignore you like any other advertisement.

The best way to make the “news” and get that free publicity is provide a new direction based on time tested principles.  So, make sure that the principles you choose are founded in reason and are as close to universal truths as possible.  Do not choose ideas that only pertain to a particular religion, race, or political class.

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