Brand Yourself: Law of Expansion


The power of a brand is inversely proportional to its scope.

That is a lot of jargon for a simple idea. In essence, the bigger you make yourself by adding new ideas, new slogans, new controversies, the less of an ability you have to really connect with people.

This is obvious in business, but not so much in the political world. If you want to sell your idea to a bunch of people, the best thing to do is to stay narrow and on message. Pick your top three issues, at most, and hammer those home. Make people believe that you are the central source of information, a source they can trust.

Remember, everything is a long term, short term game.  You can take in the moment and the spike in enthusiasm for the short term, but all efforts need to be refocused to the long term goal or idea.  Use short term “spikes” to engage with people and capture their attention, but always remember that you need to realign and bring home your top three ideas.

Most politicians run into the problem of making it seem like they have the “superbrand,” the all knowing ability, to have the right answer at every moment.  While you may want to have some sort of response to most major issues, be prepared to deflect and refocus your answer to something that you know the most about.  It does not hurt to say, “No comment,” but it does hurt to fumble through an answer and compromise on principles.

Customers of products, you are a political product, want to perceive their brand to be distinguishable and known by a single idea or word.  That is why you see “Tea Party Republicans” and “Obamacare” plastered all over the news.  The pundits are creating a positive or negative association for these two topics, the Tea Party and the ACA, by associating them with a party brand.  This association is how most people determine the “quality” or their “support” for the brand.  You need to be narrow enough that when people think of your big topic(s) they have a positive association with your name.

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